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Don’t Miss Out On Saving Money With Property Tax Relief

Join millions of older homeowners and renters already saving an average of $440 a year.

Millions of Americans Can Save on Property Taxes –

Are You One of Them?

Did you know that over 9 million Americans are eligible for property tax relief but most aren’t receiving it? This valuable assistance could put $200 to $6,000 back in your pocket, helping you afford essentials like housing, food, and medicine.

Since 2019, we’ve empowered individuals to access over $10 million in property tax relief.

Here’s what our free program offers:

  • National resource for state-based property tax relief information
  • An easy-to-use online eligibility screener to check your eligibility and get guidance on applying for relief programs in your area
  • Peace of mind from knowing you’re not missing out on the valuable tax relief you deserve

Explore My State’s Program(s)

Find Property Tax Relief Programs in Your Area


Select Your State

Review if there’s a property tax relief program in your state or local area

Review Eligibility Criteria

Learn if you qualify and when to apply — each state is different

Learn How to Apply

Programs can help homeowners and renters pay lower taxes or get direct tax refunds

What is AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide?

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide is a free resource that helps homeowners and renters more easily find, understand, and apply for property tax relief.

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