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Colorado Program Eligibility

Property Tax-Aide features the PTC Rebate, Senior Property Tax Exemption, and Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral programs in Colorado.

The information on this page is updated as new information becomes available by the relevant tax agencies.

PTC Rebate

The Property Tax, Rent, and Heat (PTC) Rebate is available for Colorado residents with low income who are older or have disabilities in order to help with their property tax, rent, and/or heat expenses this winter and beyond. The rebate amount can be up to $1,044 a year and if you apply by April 15, 2024, you could receive up to a $1,600 TABOR refund ($800 for single filers).

Application Deadline

  • Applications for the Colorado PTC rebate for 2023 are due by December 31, 2025.
  • Applications for the Colorado PTC Rebate for 2022 are due by December 31, 2024.
  • The application deadline has passed for PTC Rebate for 2021 and prior years. You can no longer apply for these years.

Senior Property Tax Exemption

The program provides an exemption of up to half of the first $200,000 in the market value from property taxes for qualifying residential homeowner. The maximum exemption is $100,000. The program is dependent upon state funding being available. If the program isn’t funded in one year, you are encouraged to apply and be placed in the system for future funding.

Application Deadline

Applications can be filed between January 1 and July 15, with the county assessor. The exemption remains in effect until a disqualifying event, such as sale of the property or you move. Annual application is not required

Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral

The Property Tax Deferral Program has traditionally helped seniors to afford to live in their homes by deferring the payment of their property taxes. Under the program the taxpayer may defer from $100 to a maximum cumulative taxes of $10,000. The deferral loan is recorded as a junior lien against the participant’s property. It does not have to be repaid until the participant no longer qualifies, leaves the program, or sells the property.

Application Deadline

Application must be filed between January 1 and April 1. The taxpayer must reapply each year to continue deferring prior year taxes, as well as to request deferral on current year taxes.

Property Tax-Aide has independently selected the property tax relief programs featured on this website that we think are the most relevant and beneficial to older adults. It is not an exhaustive list of all property tax relief programs available in each state. Please consult your local tax agency for a comprehensive listing of property tax relief programs in your area.

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