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Missouri Program Eligibility

Missouri’s Property Tax Credit Claim gives credit (a maximum of $750 for renters and $1,100 for owners who occupied their home) to certain senior citizens and 100 percent disabled individuals for a portion of the real estate taxes or rent they pay for the year. The actual credit is based on the amount of real estate taxes or rent paid and total household income (taxable and nontaxable).

If you’d like to be connected to a Property Tax-Aide volunteer after reviewing the information or completing an eligibility screener below, please call 833-263-9014 or visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form.

The information on this page is updated as new information becomes available by the relevant tax agencies.

Property Tax Credit Claim

Application Deadline

Your 2022 Property Tax Credit claim is due April 15th, 2024. You have 3 years from the original due date to file a claim.

Note: A 2020 claim must be filed by May 17, 2024, or a refund will not be issued.

Property Tax-Aide has independently selected the property tax relief programs featured on this website that we think are the most relevant and beneficial to older adults. It is not an exhaustive list of all property tax relief programs available in each state. Please consult your local tax agency for a comprehensive listing of property tax relief programs in your area.

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