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Virginia Program Eligibility

The Commonwealth of Virginia does not offer property tax relief programs. However, most Virginia cities, counties, and towns offer some form of personal property tax relief to homeowners age 65 and older, and to homeowners with disabilities. This relief may be in the form of a tax exemption, tax deferral, or both, and we provide an overview of these types of benefits below.

Property Tax-Aide also features three property tax relief programs for renters and homeowners in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax.

Local governments have a definitive role as to which programs are available and the qualification for participation.

The information on this page is updated as new information becomes available by the relevant tax agencies.

Exemption for the Elderly

At the discretion of each city or county, elderly homeowners may be eligible for property tax exemptions. The program exempts a portion of the property taxes. In some localities, the percent of taxes that are exempted declines as income increases. In other localities, the exemption is for that portion of real estate taxes which represents the increase in real estate taxes from the year the taxpayer initially applied and qualified for the program.

Relief may also apply to the tax on the owner’s car, taxed as personal property.

Jurisdictions may also provide similar relief to homeowners with disabilities.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted annually. There may be separate dates for submitting initial and renewal applications. Each jurisdiction sets the deadlines and how to apply.

Real Estate Tax Deferral

Local jurisdictions may allow those over 65 or totally disabled who have property tax liability after the Real Estate Tax Relief to postpone all or a portion of the remaining taxes owed. The accumulated amount of deferred taxes shall be paid without penalty or interest within one year when the qualifying owner dies or immediately upon the sale of the property.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted annually. There may be separate dates for submitting initial and renewal applications. Each jurisdiction sets the deadlines and how to apply.

Rent Relief for Seniors (Fairfax County and City of Fairfax)

Both Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax provide relief for elderly or disabled renters. For Fairfax County to be eligible, in addition to maximum income and assets, the applicant must pay more than 30% of their gross income towards their rent.

For City of Fairfax, the relief is 10% of annual rent paid up to $2,000.

Application Deadline

  • For the County of Fairfax: Filed no later than May 1, 2024 for all returning applicants
  • For the City of Fairfax: April 15.

City of Fairfax methods of submission:

  • Mail – Submit your application and all supporting documentation to 10455 Armstrong Street, Room 312, Fairfax, VA 22030.
  • Drop Off – You can drop off your application and supporting documents in the Treasurer’s Drop Box, located at the front of City Hall on Armstrong Street, by the flagpole.
  • In-Person – You can submit your application in person by appointment only. Please call 703-359-2486 to schedule an appointment.

Real Estate & Vehicle Tax Relief For Seniors And People With Disabilities

Real estate tax relief for seniors and people with disabilities is granted on an annual basis and a renewal application must be filed each year. To apply, the applicant must be a resident of Fairfax County and be at least 65 years of age or permanently and totally disabled.

Application Deadline

Application must be filed no later than May 1, 2024, for all returning applicants. If hardship conditions exist which, through no fault of the applicant, prohibit them from applying by the due date or you are filing for the first time, the due date may be extended to December 31, 2025. A letter of hardship with explanation of the late filing must be provided with all applications submitted after the May 1st deadline for returning applicants.

The application may be submitted by email, mail, fax, or in-person. A letter confirming receipt of your application will be mailed within three weeks of receipt. Please be aware that you must pay your taxes until you are officially notified by Fairfax County that you are no longer liable. Tax Relief is not available to the executor of an estate or heirs of an applicant.

Property Tax-Aide has independently selected the property tax relief programs featured on this website that we think are the most relevant and beneficial to older adults. It is not an exhaustive list of all property tax relief programs available in each state. Please consult your local tax agency for a comprehensive listing of property tax relief programs in your area.

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