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Illinois-Cook County

Program Overview

Cook County offers five property tax exemptions: homeowner, senior, senior freeze, persons with disabilities, and veterans with disabilities. All five programs require proof of identity, occupancy, and tax liability in 2021 (Senior Freeze also requires 2020 identification.) Once the homeowner and senior exemption is applied, it auto-renews each year — meaning you only have to apply once!

How to Volunteer

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities with Property Tax-Aide. You can help people in your community to get property tax relief while learning new skills and meeting new people. Contact us at [email protected] we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. The Network Engagement Manager will follow up with an email and schedule an information session.

Property Tax-Aide Volunteer Roles

Property Tax-Aide Volunteers

  1. Complete Property Tax-Aide application tool training successfully
  2. Assist residents with completing Property Tax-Aide eligibility and application using the digital tool
  3. Available to serve throughout the state (in-person or virtually)

Group Leaders

  1. Coordinate and schedule local Property Tax-Aide events
  2. Identify and coordinate locations for place-based, in-person appointments within geographic area
  3. Serve as the site lead for in-person or place-based operations
  4. Serve as the lead for a small group of volunteers within the same geographic area
  5. Onboard and support new Property Tax-Aide volunteers

State Leaders

  1. Recruit, onboard and assign District Coordinators
  2. Assist Group Leaders with identifying and coordinating locations for place-based, in-person appointments
  3. Schedule and advertise Property Tax-Aide events through local media and AARP State offices
  4. Distribute technology assets such as Chromebooks, printers or hot spots
  5. Distribute training materials provided by Property Tax-Aide staff at AARP Foundation headquarters
  6. Serve as the main point-of-contact with Property Tax-Aide staff at AARP Foundation headquarters
  7. Perform or delegate user acceptance testing of the Property Tax-Aide Digital Tool software for their state’s property tax relief application
  8. Process volunteer reimbursement requests


Property Tax-Aide Season is:
Unavailable for appointments
7808 West College Drive
Palos Heights, IL 60463

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