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Property Tax-Aide Partner Information

What is AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide?

AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide is a free program that helps eligible homeowners and renters, in select states, apply for property tax relief.

Benefits of Being a Partner

The most vulnerable adults in your community may be surprised to learn they may qualify for property tax credits or refunds that put money back in their pockets. Partnering with Property Tax-Aide allows your organization to expand your services to help older adults reduce their housing costs and increase their ability to remain in their homes as they age.

Community Empowerment

Property Tax-Aide works with community-based organizations to provide a free best-in-class FinTech tool — the Property Tax-Aide Digital Platform — to empower older adults to gain access to millions in property tax relief throughout the nation.

Our Partners

Since 2019, Property Tax-Aide has served over 20,000 people with an estimated benefit of $10 million in property tax relief.

Training and Support

Partner with AARP Foundation Property Tax-Aide for a turnkey solution offering free cloud-based software, data reports, training, and ongoing support.
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